Computer Application Assistant - CAA

Special discount as Covid-19.

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Rs: 5000 + 3000 (Reg Fee)

Special Diploma in ICT

Students who have applied for university admission will be selected to study this…

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Rs: 12500 + 2500 (Reg Fee) English

This course is specially designed for those who sat for Advanced Level (A/L)…

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Rs: 12000 + 3000 (Reg Fee)

Diploma in ICT for After OL Students

DICT course is designed for students who want to learn computer subject from…

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Rs: 15000 + 3000 (Reg Fee)

Nenasala Certificate in ICT

This course is designed for anyone who needs to learn the fundamentals of…

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Rs: 7500 + 2500 (Reg Fee)

FIT (Fundamentals in IT )

This course is specially designed for University Selected students those who wish to…

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Rs: 6500 + 1000 (Reg Fee)

Diploma in Web Designing

This course is open for anyone who wants to be a professional web…

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Rs: 22500 + 2500 (Reg Fee)

Smart Kids (Grade 05)

PCIT course is specially designed for students who sat grade 05 scholarship exam.…

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Rs: 0 + 1000 (Reg Fee)

NDICT (After A/L)

NDICT course has specially designed for students who sat A/L examination.

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Rs: 12000 + 3000 (Reg Fee)

Diploma in Graphic Designing

If you want to be a professional graphic designer, This is what you…

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Rs: 17500 + 2500 (Reg Fee)

Select Any Course and Be a Skilled Person

In this era, everyone is in a competetion. To become a sucesssfull person, you should have multi skills and you should be able to prove them. So, above courses have designed with practical focused content, assignments and exams.

If you want to change your learning way, we will teach you how to do it and most of our lectures are self motiavted. Just select one or more courses and get registered to enhance your skills.

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